Its Taking Shape


18 months ago KLGTU (Kuala Lumpur's Golden Triangle Unplugged) was a revolving concept in my head. It was born from the desire to adequately document something where I personally have a home ground advantage. Hmmmm…oh…you can check out my other somewhat 'fleeting' projects at

Home ground advantage? well from the point view of a photographer…a place where its cheap to hang around for months and years, a place where communications with my subject is not aided by a thrid party translator or 'fixers', a place where i know of its nooks and cranies right from the start…in short being a local!

KLGTU is also born from the fact that Malaysian cultural heritage and social documentary has a huge vaccum. Kuala Lumpur as a major South East Asian capital city has nearly nothing to show with regards to photoessays of social documentation on the citiy itself. A few photographers including foreign ones have produced works on Kuala Lumpur, but they are merely superficial works of glamour. errr…what i mean is…ummmm pretty pics of buildings and lrts and markets and street stalls and to an extent…thoughtless frames of city life…

0829_004_small.jpg Well KLGTU strives differently to give documentary value, social reportage and emotional aesthetics to Kuala Lumpur. In a city where opportunities for wealth creation are many, and like all emerging economies, where priority for wealth grows faster than social development and personal etiquette/personal evolution, let this journey begin 🙂


2 Responses

  1. i had no idea there was a reading oasis right in dataran merdeka!

    good luck to you nikt in pioneering social documentation. we are too busy looking at other countries & worrying about their welfare half the time & not looking inwards-in our own backyard.
    perhaps we can help you take this project onto mainstream TV!

  2. […] KLGTU is a project that I am committed to documenting (for all the reasons mentioned in Its Taking Shape and ABOUT ), but juggling that with the rigours of maintaining a freelance photography business (you know…all the client servicing, production and marketing stuff…) and having to turn down social gatherings (much easier if you were out of the country) so that I can get things in order, is a drain to your friendships and a pain in the butt cause it affects the power of your network. It seems now that I always have some excuse not to join. […]

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