frustrationAs i write this, its another day gone.Well going to go…Starting this project requires great passion and discipline. I find it very different from shooting a project outstation or in another country. Shooting in your backyard means you have to fit it into your schedule. Like today i have a full day food shoot assignment which means i can't give time to KLGTU. If I was working on this project in a foreign place, almost every waking hour i'd be out there shooting. Also distractions in your home base like friends and other commitments will always find its way to derail me from having a consistent work rate….sigh! But anyway i think the advantage outweighs the problems. I just got to get going…laterzzzz


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  1. ‘time management’ is easier sed then done. how easy it is to act as if we’ve dropped off the face of the earth; replying emails, sending sms’, answering the phone – & all this PERSONAL-related…not work! perhaps a much-needed stint at KKB is needed to re’energise…. ;o)

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