A Closer Feel

Two continuous days. WOW that's an achievement!

I ventured into the Masjid Jamek (parts of area no.7, for visuals pls refer to my map posted earlier.)… and kinda…got my feet a little damp. I was scouting for a feel of the place and trying to understand what goes on between 1-6pm. I reigned myself from venturing out too far.

Geographically, I started to get the sense of proximity between Masjid Jamek, Masjid India and China Town. And subsequently, the next day when I ventured into Chow Kit (scattered…i know…well…because i had to satisfy other obligations, so i ended up there at 7am)…i also felt its 'close proximity' and its amazing how Chow Kit extends itself or rather merges into kampung Baru! (sorry you can see how naive i am about KL, despite being a resident here for 12 years)

Suddenly central kl felt different to me. The golden triangle or KL's Central Business District is undoubtedly surrounded by distinct communities that aggregate together, due to historical reasons like trade, governemnt resettlement initiatives and more recently social class and the infux of the new immigrant labour force.


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