The Extra Mile?


At the fringe of China Town. Pasar seni lrt st.

I was on my way home. Legs tired face sun burnt from walking the streets. Shooting mode had been shelved. The aircondition in the lrt was comforting. Then I saw the clouds outside…! My mode changing back to shoot mode. In my mind, "…should I…should I not…yes should…rare opportunity…when will it be like this again?…then nah…tired…let it go…its not that great…i wanna go home…by the time you get out it may be too dark…then…shit…the light is fantastic…u have to do it…sigh…tired…errr…quick doors are opening …." So I jumped out at the Pasar Seni stop and walah…this pic 🙂


One Response

  1. JMFang Says:
    April 7th, 2006 at 10:25 am e
    I read your comment, and I realised that we often get the best pictures and stories when we least expect it, or when we are the most unwilling to go the extra mile. Some of the best scoops often come when most everyone else has gone home and the winning journalist is the last to leave. That’s when the subject is the most willing to talk, and feels the least pressure. That’s when he can unwind, let the events of the day slowly evaporate and really let his guard down. This wonderful picture, which really captures the brilliant evening colours, is a testament to that spirit of journalism. Despite being exhausted from the day’s efforts, you went ahead and made the shot, fantastic!

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