On the ground


This picture can say many things if you want it to.

It can be tied to current issues in kl city, it can be symbolic to the twin towers, it can also be a statement of art.

When I caption it properly in relation to what i am doing, it would have ONE meaning. But without it…it is free to take any form it can, in relation to YOUR own experiences and elements influencing you at the moment.

So, may i ask for you guys to caption it? just want to see what it means to YOU



3 Responses

  1. At first glance i was actually wondering how the cameraman managed to get someone’s smelly old shoes superimposed in the air, and with the klcc twin towers in the background too! Mean feat, I reckoned, and no pun intended!

  2. Ha jm fang!

    thank you. the shoes were already there. ready to be framed. it wasn't physically nor technically difficult. The hard bit was to notice that its there and to go out and make the picture.

  3. I dont know how to explain it in words but it sure do look very artistic.

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