Outraging modesty

Anyone would find it outrageous to have a complete stranger, just after having exchanged a few words, reach out and make contact with your penis with a quick flick of his wrists. It was just one of the usual encounters wih strangers. When you roam the streets looking for action, your personal 'stage' is open, inviting similar open stage characters to 'play' infront of you. OOps..geez…well i didn't mean it to sound like that…err…to put in context, 'play' means allowing their daily activities to unfold naturally infront of you. That also means executing moves to achieve their daily objectives, be it selling, begging or simply letting you into their story.

So there I was standing in front of Kota Raya, kinda floating around a little, half mindedly waiting for something to happen. My stage was open for anyone to make contact. So this dark chinese looking guy with longish hair (thinking back now, he had a face of a scary clown) plots himself next to me. His proximity felt closer than what is deemed resonable. Confidently he mumbles something. I can't understand him. First I replied in Hokkien then switched to Malay but he continued to baffle me with his speech. He edges closer. This time I hear the word "dam" that I understood. So I thought another weed pusher. I wanted to carry on the conversation, see where it goes (thats how adventures open up)

Then in his continued verbal confusion, he uttered the word "lelaki"(Guy) and started nodding his head. Then he was in his element, smiling he reached out to feel my penis. This happened in broad daylight in a busy street in KL's china town. I reacted but didn't leap away. He continued his second onslaught and thats when i decided to close the stage.

I certainly don't think he was a mad man. He was very clear about his objectives. I figrued maybe he was a pimp for young boys? Anyway this is what happens when you open your stage in public places. Performers looking for audiences will inexplicably be drawn towards you.


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