Right beside Kuala Lumpur's famed Sultan Abdul Samad building, there is a road that runs parallel to the Kelang river. In fact to be more accurate, it is roughly the point of confluence between the gombak river and the kelang river. Anyway, that road, is dotted with old shady trees and it is a great place to park your car. Pretty serene and 'away from it all' considering the city's congested traffic and flux that surrounds it. What made it even more special was this special 'service' being offered to people parking there. A man in his forties, a 'jaga kereta'(translates into – car watcher) offers patrons a deal where he can jig the parking meter with a simple pen knife and gets you any amount of credit you want.

He says, "Kalau you nak, saya boleh jaga. Bila habis saya boleh tambah lagi. Ni senang you tak payalah keluar lagi boh syiling" (If you want I'll look out for you. When the time expires I can rejig the meter and you don't have to come out and put coins) For that he wanted RM5 for guarantee of a whole days worth of parking. I thought nah… if he disappears, I could be paying for him and an additional RM30 fine. Better just put whatever coins I have and take my chances with the DBKL meterman.


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