Did you know that hidden in the building we all know so well (Pudu Raya bus station), is a taxi rental service that takes you outstation and the service implies a skew in ferrying passengers to Genting Highlands. Check this out…guess what their doing in the picture? klgtu_0585_small.jpgThese administrators of the taxi service are letting 'ladyluck' determine the order of taxis queing for passengers. They draw out taxi numbers from a plastic jar and place them in line to determine who goes first. Then taxi drivers call in to check their que status. Funnily, Genting Highlands, gambling, and the Russian Roullete nature of this service seems complementary to the whole flow of the business. Look at it another way, it's a novel and equitable way of work distribution isn't it? klgtu_0599_small.jpgThis whole place reeks with the spirit of survival. Just outside the taxi service is a pedestrain bridge and it's plastered with notices and signs, offering employment opportunities largely targeted at the foreign labour workforce. Notices for loan shark services, pawn shops and certificates for pawning gold are everywhere around. Look at it anyway you want, but you can't deny that this is a place of opportunity. Even the mentally and physically challenged have their hopes pinned to the opportunities that Puduraya offers.


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