Globalizing KL

klgtu_0870small.jpgWhat is the desired state of KL city in 2020?
I think all will agree that KL is shaped into becoming a developed city, with infrastructure capable of attracting, facilitating and sustaining foreign direct investment. In other words, preparing KL to reap the holy grail of ‘ECONOMIC GROWTH’…driven by efforts to plug into the global economy.

What do you think? Is KL’s development driven more by globalization than by nationalization? Hmmm…come to think of it, what is nationalization these days? In the current context, where focus is all about economic growth, it seems to me that major nationalization policies for almost all developing countries is just that! And such agendas simply fuels globalization. So in my view, globalization in such scenarios dictates nationalization!

Cities vary greatly in their capacities to perceive and respond to opportunities and the detrimental effects of globalization. Their ability to anticipate, initiate and adapt to change depends on a much needed ‘wholesome’ policies spurred by government and private sector collaborations.

How will organizations, individuals and the community be affected? What are their roles? Can they articulate their intentions and communicate their concerns? Will their heritage and cultural traditions be nurtured or lost in transition? It seems that they are committed to the common goal because of the promise of wealth and all its ‘benefits’.

But by positioning themselves in the global race and joining the global society without being wary of the ‘Sheep Syndrome’ that tows globalization – it may be dangerously undermining, perhaps a more essential human need called ‘HAPPINESS’.


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