Forever Busy


You know, people somehow can’t imagine why a freelancer who doesn’t need to go into office can be so busy. Working from home is comfortable and easy but it can also mean engulfing your other life. (More on that another time…)

I have been commenting on how scattered my efforts have been in trying to get KLGTU in shape. Trying to balance documentary work, in between commercial work and social obligations in a single venue (KL) takes a lot of self discipline. One might think it’s easier cause it’s all here but in-effect, I find it – a route tougher to negotiate.

KLGTU is a project that I am committed to documenting (for all the reasons mentioned in "Its Taking Shape" and "ABOUT",) but juggling that with the rigours of maintaining a freelance photography business (you know…all the client servicing, production and marketing stuff…) and having to turn down social gatherings (much easier if you were out of the country) so that I can get things in order, is a drain to your friendships and a pain in the butt cause it affects the power of your network. It seems now that I always have some excuse not to join.

It doesn’t end there. Obligations to my girlfriend also take its toll on the project. Timing my efforts in the streets, doing research or trying to gain access into communities requires a different frame of mind. When such instances open up to you, there is a delicate balance between taking the adventure and trying not to be late in picking her up from the LRT station.

It has been well documented that photojournalists and documentary photographers often don’t have lasting relationships or end up being divorced. I am very wary of that, but like all people with a driven passion…I ask myself what does it mean to become a statistic? The universe tells me…everything happens for a reason. However, an epiphany that came to me years ago suggests that ….one can only accept the ‘everything happens for a reason’ fate only if one has been truthful and responsible in all ones dealings 🙂


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  1. time management is something that is the hardest thing in the world & at the end of the day the crucial fact is that you can only be in 1 place at 1 time; & eventho’ your heart can be in many places at 1 time – there are sacrifices to be made still. everyone of us has made them in our lives & i guess “impermanence” is wot it’s all about. no matter how hard you want to keep something/stay to work at it(that’s wot passion is all about)the ‘juggling’ of everything else in your life makes it a huge effort – one that necessarily overwhelms & drowns you in the end.
    BUT like they say…”It’s not the destination but the journey” so 😀

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