People Ask Me

How do you shoot a story? or how do you find a story to shoot?

Broadly speaking, I feel that stories fall into two distinct categories:

One is the obvious. Something happens, be it tragedy or some cultural celebration. So you arrive and the action unfolds before you. In such cases what you need is a good eye and technical skills to produce good work. Hard work still but its simpler.

The second one is more elusive. It is conceptual and it exists around you, but there is no center of attention, no single drama that allows you to easily focus on. This is where you need to hunt. To be a good hunter you need to equip yourself with several things. Understanding what you are looking for (through research and investigation) and combining that knowledge with what you can sniff out in the field are crucial attributes needed.

Gaining access is another major success factor for any photographer. It relies on your network and people skills. I guess I’ll leave that elaboration for another time…


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