A Brief History In KL Time

Mid 19th Century>>
The lure of metal brought the first group of Chinese miners up the Klang river, right up to the confluence with the Gombak river. Interesting to note that of the 87 who embarked on the journey 69 of them perished within a month. But enough tin was found for the Selangor Sultanate to send a second party of miners and thus began the river traffic.

Two Chinese traders built a store that grew into a trading village. Hui Siew the founder was given the title as the first ‘Kapitan Cina’

Selangor civil war amongst the aristocracy. (Sumatran Malays vs the Bugis?) They fought for control on tin export duties the and for the forts in Klang. KL was devastated

Yap Ah Loy (The 3rd Kapitan Cina…and the most famous) rebuild KL from the ruins of the Selangor Civil war. He rehabilitated the shutdown mines and recruited 6000 miners to rework them. Yap Ah Loy built his house in the old market square now called (Medan Pasar Besar). He maintained basic law & order an d provided public services funded by profits from his gambling den and brothels.

Tin boom and the British shifted the state capital from Klang to KL. And began to develop and administer KL with modern infrastructure.

KL made capital of the Federated Malay States. Revenue derived from tin sustained the British administration and enabled them to provide infrastructure and social framework. Yap Ah Loy’s KL was being rebuilt by the British.

Social change in KL. Exposure to European culture, the media, recreational sports and the establishment of clubs and schools. The Malay agricultural settlement scheme was established to educate the children of the Malays to partake in administration and to enable them to reap someo f the prosperity. Kampung Baru was established with 90 hectares set aside – but did not achieve objectives.

Japanese military forces occupied KL. A complete disorganization of KL town’s services and disintegration of local government administration.

KL underwent dramatic changes arising out of the scientific and technological revolution throughout the world.

KL receives the most amazing photo documentary work ever done on its streets. Ha ha ha….


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