Police Attitude

Its tough to control thousands of personnel, but surely some form of PR with the public needs to be instilled in the police force. The power vested in such individuals are always prone to abuse because the police consider themselves the guardians of public order. And to be such a guardian, one must be stern, powerful and command fear in individuals. That is probably the culture inside the force. The moment they go into training, they are subjected to it. The moment they step outside and interact with the public that’s the attitude they carry with them.

klgtu_1390.jpgOf course not all are like that, but enough of them are like that to incite a public outcry. It is very sad to experience moments like this because, prior to running into the police yesterday, all the people I interacted with were incredibly friendly and accommodating. Even the surrounding people emitted good vibes. (Honestly as a photographer you can pick up these periphery vibes)

I once made a comparison. In context of a school, model students become prefects but in the context of a country, it seems like the lesser formed apples of society become members of the police force! You know what’s the problem? In many ways its about economics and the flow of money…


2 Responses

  1. if the police is not stern, then there will always be more robbers and murderers on the street. do you want to live in fear or let the police instil some fear on would-be criminals

  2. Ya i know, but they should have abosolutely no excuse in MANAGING their interpersonal skills with the public. Its not only (maintaining good interpersonal skills) a professional prerequisite, but also a personal reflection of oneself 🙂

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