Law or Ethics?


While photographing inside Masjid India earlier today, an unidentified man confronted me in an aggressively decent way. I was asked to leave…"Are you muslim?" "You know its against Malaysian law to photograph inside a mosque, especially on a friday?" "How can you photograph people praying?!" he says. "Leave now or I will call the authorities."

Is there a law against it? or is it invasion of privacy?


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  1. it’s unheard of that one can’t take picture(s) in a mosque or temple etc, however, should one ask for permission (even casually) i reckon people will be more open to the idea

  2. Ya i tried that stance in my early days as a photographer. It just takes you so much longer to get to point A if ever at all 🙂

  3. As a muslim I’m not aginst it..but I not sure about that particular mosque. What I knew and take the Putra Mosque at Putrajaya as an example, the management of the mosque allow you to shot a pics but they limit until certain area that you can reach. What they are worry is maybe you jobs is start disturb other people who came to perform their pray. I saw Bazuki and other big photographers also had pic. taken inside the mosque. Maybe the best thing is you can ask for permission first.

    p/s I admired your jobs and I start copy your make Malaysia proud till I make a special link to your website from my fotopages.

  4. ezuddin,

    ya i know. the main reason would be disturbing the people praying. but i always try to be stealth like ha ha ha….:)


  5. yup, as a moslem, i dont mind too.but, its personal preferences.some of them,especially in masjid india area..are more traditional in the sense of the way the think.I’v shot inside masjid india before and thank god, i didnt experience the same thing:) i think, maybe you’re just unlucky.try the other day, or maybe at night..

  6. There is no regulation as in Makkah or Madinah , but I guess generally permission might be needed. Just to avoid disturbing prayings …

  7. Basically there is nothing interesting inside Masjid India, except a pretty old wooden clock , which I guess to be more than 50 years .

    From outside, the architecture is quite interesting , and it is a combination of Indian and Arabic design

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