Kampung Baharu Flavour…see you soon

Just thought I’d release some pictures…before I stop posting for a little while.

It was getting interesting…I was getting to know the neighbourhood and its people. But for commercial reasons, progress there had to make way for progress elsewhere…ha ha ha. Somehow all my recent ‘commercial distractions’ seem to resolve around KLGTU locations. Kinda like different dimensions of KLGTU. I am doing it…but with a different eye. Pretty surreal when you can make – different sets of pictures come out from a similar location – when your objective is different.


MalayH_147.jpg      MalayH_215.jpg

The recent distraction was a story for Going Places about Malay houses and guess where it lead me back to…Kampung Baharu! Anyway I gotta go…its late and tomorrow is another full day. But I’ll be back soon! Pity this isn’t my personal blog, if not my…new adventures for the KL travel guide would be in here too…:)


This is my second ever lightning shot within 15 days! And I am not chasing after them. Boys and girls, the climate is changing and James Lovelock says that the current climate trend (global warming and its effects) is already irreversible.



12 Responses

  1. looking forward to the new stories and btw, it’s never too late to start you own personal blog… looking forward to that too and what happened to yur flickr?

  2. Surfx.ro Blog Verification…


  3. flickr…well suppose to get to it but…havent yet. also been deliberating whether to spend the effort…so as yet ….you can see…i am not too sold on it

  4. right…anyways, enjoy the new assignment and come back soon!

  5. Amazingly interesting blog, I love the way you have contrasted all of the somewhat traditional street scenes with the appearance of glass and steel highrises in the back. Well done Mick http://rockwatching.wordpress.com

  6. what you see is what you get…cheers rockwatching!

  7. I was googling around for more info on KL and stumbled upon this blog of yours. Interesting work.
    I have been learning street photo around KL and your blog is useful to me.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. hello there nik,

    first i heard of you when u introduced your self in Photomalaysia.com

    I love your photojournalist siries. Zainal Abdul Halim (Reuters) love them too 🙂 He told me that you are good…

  9. I like ur photography works.. I got ur url from TheStar… and I saw the pic of u holding an Olympus DSLR (correct me if i’m wrong..), kinda surprised to see that as most of the pro-shutterbugs i know are using either Canon or Nikon DSLR.. mind sharing ur thought to me?

  10. hey hi Spidey!

    no la….that camera you see is a nikon d200 🙂


  11. so that’s what keeping you away… will check out the exhibition soon and saw one of your article in the MAS complimentary mag too. well done!

  12. soho,

    not really that, was busy with a new kl city guide book by Insight Guides.
    have finished that and have been caught up with a few other things. ya i do contribute bits to going places. but will start KLGTU again next month. need to really get this project going again


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