Its Organic

I spent the last 2 days down by Chinatown. Trying to get a feel again, to what KLGTU is about. Sometimes its confusing to put into context what you see on the streets to what the project stands for. Recently, after coming back and analyzing my efforts, I was reminded that this KLGTU project is organic in its growth. Like a living organism – (although the basic structure exists), its final conclusion/output is yet unknown…and that the project grows, together with the extent of the people and the things that I seek out. However, most of the time its left to chance and ‘chance meetings’ are usually the ones that dictate the somewhat organic growth of KLGTU.
Stumbled by chance….a service like Western Union. Nepali foreign workers busy filling out forms for money repatriation – probably through a Nepali institution incorporated in Malaysia called IME Impex, along Jalan Silang.

Completely organic. This man arriving in Chinatown and looking for the address to his accommodation. I had chanced upon a pulse of what makes this place tick.

klgtu_15241.jpgThis street in Lebuh Pudu (Central Market side of Chinatown) the birth place of Yap Ah Loy’s KL…has mixed elements that take us back 50 years. Colonial buildings as a backdrop, modern day workers trying to catch a ride home, the new edition of more Rapid KL buses and the infallible recognition of those horrible red plastic chairs (No doubt a Malaysian identity).klgtu_1538.jpg This street hawking couple , has been selling fish and chicken congee since the British days. They were young lovers in their teens when they first opened up their stall. (I marvel at their dedication towards a single goal. Its probably evolved over time, but still unadulterated by modern influences. Most amazingly, they stayed simple and together!) He reminisces about the buildings around and how they used to live just a row behind, but economic development had forced them to move to Cheras some twenty years ago.

Another Chinatown scene. I feel its totally organic because…unintentionally…it manifested itself. I wasn’t at all looking to shoot people engaged in food preperation.


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