This is also Malaysia

Along Jalan Silang (KL’s melting pot of foreign labour workers especially Nepali and the Burmese) this Indian barber, strangely has Chinese writing on its glass door. I wonder why? Can anyone make out what it says? Would appreciate some insight to the words. Thanks!


4 Responses

  1. The Chinese words mean barber.

  2. Hey hi Heng Hong!….thanks and nice to hear from you. Hows it going ?

  3. Good. I’ve just published a photo essay on the Korean Wave phenomenon in Malaysia.

    I’ve really hooked up with the Korean Wave myself and is now learning the Korean language. Planning go to S. Korea soon.

  4. Hi,

    You have managed to catch only the last three characters of the words and the last particle of the word before the three.

    the words “理发屋” means Barber.

    Not sure what it says before.

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