Chinatown potentials

After relooking at this particular picture, I am begining to see a potentially different and deeper angle of coverage on chinatown subjects. I think this new idea (well unknown to you till the pics are revealed) excites me…lets see what happens…

Food related businesses is always a chinatown potential.

This is also one area. About the buses that operate in and out of the area. I have already started collecting images on this topic…but haven’t found strong subjects yet.

Food related again. What can you say, its Chinatown. Well this is the most common and easiest to shoot. Of course its representive of chinatown’s old communities but this is also what everybody sees and can relate to. How do i make it special?


6 Responses

  1. Hey HH — How have you been? Can’t even remember when was the last time we spoke… been ages! Hope life’s treating you well…. KS

  2. hey my friend! yes been a long time. u in singapore?

  3. OMG! that lady in the picture! i’ve seen her before at the junction of the petaling street market. she was standing on the side of the road screaming obscenities at someone & then she flashed her boobs!….several times… :o|

  4. Yes, am still here. You go back to Pg often?

  5. Hi noon… ! wow great feat! …i am sure she has a recognisable face to many people…i too have seen her many times before but could not place her…she’s got a face- like a whirlpool that perpetually pins her down… that was when i started thinking that she could be interesting to interact with 🙂 Well have to find her first…

  6. She’s got lovely hair.

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