Happy Deepavali Kuala Lumpur


Ooops….I have carelessly forgotten to write down the proper name of this temple. Eveyone should know it – It sits on a small hill right opposite pudu bus station or rather next to Menara Maybank. These two pictures give different messages. One pits tradition with the inquisitive wonder of youth…the other, a simple squeeze of worshipers.

Life can be safe but lusterless, when one finds comfort in recurring life events. Life can be exciting and challenging when one searches for new directions in a sea of constant change. (Thats the polarity of the two pics for me :))


4 Responses

  1. ok got it, the name of this temple:

    Court Hill, Sri Ganesha Temple

  2. The only Ganesha temple in the whole world to have gold-plated towers and gold pinnacle. Unlike other temples this temple has only one statue which is Lord Ganesha. Besides, this is the only temple in the whole world to have two sanga abishegas in the mornings and evenings daily. Even popular temples in India have this ritual only on occasions. To book for a sanga abhishega one has to wait for months! It is said that the temple is powerful due to devotees concentrating their prayers on its single deity.

  3. can someone help me? I have spend lovly time in Deepawali final day on old railway station in Kuala Lampur.
    I’m looking for songs played there on this event.
    can somebody help me, please?
    I have such splendid 3 hours there, that I’ll never forget it.

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