8 Months later

A jewelery advertisement hangs from a near complete ‘Pavilion’, KL’s new concept shopping Mall. It rose replacing KL’s Bukit Bintang Girls School which had occupied the grounds since 1930

You know…i have been so busy, distracted by necessary evils that I almost forgot about KLGTU! A friend who recently brought my attention back, reminded me of how important this project is, for KL and its community. And for me….a true home grown legacy.

17 months ago when i started KLGTU, i envisaged that it could be completed in 12 months. I was so wrong. I think now it will span a couple of years! Shaped by firstly by time and perhaps rightly so because the rate of change (KL’s speed of development) is high enough to record meaningful changes.


One Response

  1. hey hi!
    awesome work! a very interesting perspective of the rapidly evolving kl which u have so stylishly and genuinely showed the world thru your insight and devotion..

    keep up the shoots and know that you have all my support! cant wait to see more..

    peace and much luf..


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