pushk_0436_small1.jpgHello! and thanks for taking time to check me out 🙂 I am a photographer based out of KL city. KLGTU is a work in progress documentary work that is planned to span about 12 months. (oh ya…about this part….that was 17months ago today Aug2007. so i think it’ll take a much longer time now. and probably for the better for the depth of the work!)

KLGTU came about because I noticed that there was very little visual documentation of the ‘real’ KL. I also wanted to work on a project where I had comparable advantage (kl being where I have lived for the last 12 years) and without language bariers.

This project is a collection of street photography and stories on local communities that will invariably form an important body of this work. It seeks to document the heritage and lives of different social communities and how they are in turn, being shaped by rapid economic development and environmental oversight within Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle and its periphery.

I hope that the materials gathered in this project will become, of significant value to the cultural heritage and documentation of Kuala Lumpur city.

For more background information about Nikt Wong go >> here


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  1. I loved the commentary and the pictures. I have not been to KL but long to go. My brother is their on business a lot — my travels take me to Europe…..


    Rod Smith

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