Traditional Approaches

klgtu_0854.jpgThis appeared somewhere around Masjid India. I have also seen such explict advertisements in Kuala Lumpur’s old communities like Kampung Baharu and Chow kit… where traditional approaches to all kinds of ailments have a market to exist in.

But when a community ‘develops’, its cultural practices also evolve. As such, traditional knowledge (productive or otherwise) will probably find it more difficult to exist. That is a loss to our cultural diversity. But for those who view this as a social ill, the thinking will be different right?


Law or Ethics?


While photographing inside Masjid India earlier today, an unidentified man confronted me in an aggressively decent way. I was asked to leave…"Are you muslim?" "You know its against Malaysian law to photograph inside a mosque, especially on a friday?" "How can you photograph people praying?!" he says. "Leave now or I will call the authorities."

Is there a law against it? or is it invasion of privacy?