Petronas Tower2 to Kampung Baru

During the late 19th century, the British were concerned over the marked absence of indigeneous Malays living in KL. In 1899 the govt set aside 223acres of land (Kampung Baru) to provide each Malay family a 1/2 acre plot, free of rent. The tenancy rights remained in the family and could not be sold without permission from the controlling board.

The purpose of this, was to promote Malay advancement in KL. Farmers and craftsmen were brought in, hoping to train their young for apprenticeships in local govt and administration. The scheme failed.

Today, the ‘vague’ regulations to ownership and commercial development of this Malay settlement is under pressure to be unraveled. As such, years of economic development has uniquely surrounded it.

Cities vary greatly in their capacity to perceive and respond to opportunities created by globalisation. In social terms, growth has a marked consequence of the logic of neightbourhood links and microstructure of communities” – Globalisation and Spatial Reorganisation of Urban Space

Kampung Baru sprawls the middle portion , surrounded by highways, high rise towers and new development.


KL  buildings vertical. Been spending sometime lately in the heart of the city. Looking for ways to see 🙂

8 Months later

A jewelery advertisement hangs from a near complete ‘Pavilion’, KL’s new concept shopping Mall. It rose replacing KL’s Bukit Bintang Girls School which had occupied the grounds since 1930

You know…i have been so busy, distracted by necessary evils that I almost forgot about KLGTU! A friend who recently brought my attention back, reminded me of how important this project is, for KL and its community. And for me….a true home grown legacy.

17 months ago when i started KLGTU, i envisaged that it could be completed in 12 months. I was so wrong. I think now it will span a couple of years! Shaped by firstly by time and perhaps rightly so because the rate of change (KL’s speed of development) is high enough to record meaningful changes.

Kuala Lumpur sex trade in the face of globalisation


Highlighting a comment made from a KLGTU reader:

November 30th, 2006 at 10:39 am
Soho said:

Was reading the article by Wong Chun Wai on “Sex City Claim Can Hurt KL” in The Star today and seeing that the foreigners even compare KL to the like of Patpong makes me wonder if this really is happening. I supposed I can now relate your articale to his and conclude that this is really happening…

Hi Soho,

Let me put it into perspective. KL is definitely no Patpong. KL’s (Bukit Bintang’s) physical appearance is largely void of smut in your face. However, there are many touts/pimps on the streets (yes…around the bukit bintang area) who approach people especially foreigners, selling them sex with all kinds of girls from regional countries and these days even Arab girls are available. (at one stage russian and ex-russian states provided the exotic ‘meat’)

So, behind the surface there is a big sex trade going on, but physically on the streets, KL is far from being a Patpong, simply because it is NOT a sex destination for sex seeking tourists.

With regards to being a Muslim country – whats the big deal, even in Kabul, Afghanistan there are Chinese prostitues available.

So long as there is commerce, there is sex. You want to attract FDI… and satisfy the side cravings of tourists… you gotta give them sex. I think all politicians and businessmen would unanimously agree with me on that.

Now in relation to what I am trying to document in Chinatown and even in many parts of KL’s golden triangle, (if its about the sex trade) its the older communities that have continued with the sex trade since the early formation of KL city. (different from the ‘new’ sex trade talked about in Wong Chun Wai’s article)

Guess what!

Well its the end of NOv and I haven’t yet achieved any of the things i hoped to achieve this month. The excuses are always valid cause this is not priority. But i am commited to this project and will continue to work at it. At some point it’ll finish and the pics and stories will see light of day! But for now i keep struggling to find the time. Next month is also busy and i have to take some time off to work on some ideas for the Malaysia@50 contest. No No no….not excuses…geez….

KL Chinatown’s night women

Its about 9.20pm and a slight rainfall dampens the air.

Traders along Petaling Street in Chinatown are bereft of their usual high traffic of shoppers. Their spirit however is sheltered to fight another day… afterall, this is one of their common susceptibilities. From a cluster of tightly packed vendors, someone yells out in Cantonese -“Why must it rain?!”

Tonight I was hoping to gain some insights to street prostitutes operating in Chinatown. If you look closely, they are along the fringes of Petaling street – particularly on the southern end, closer to ATC Law College. The covered pedestrian walkways in front of the old colonial shophouses are rife with hookers.

For weeks now I had been wanting to check out the upstairs of an old shophouse used by the prostitutes. Thats how I met Anna. A lady from Johore in her late 40s. (In fact, all the women working out of this shophouse are older veterans…. in the twilight years of their careers.)

I agreed to rm20 for a suck and fuck. She ushered me up a set of narrow wooden stairs. Light was streaming down from the landing area upstairs. The air suddenly felt so old. I watch as her moving silhouette cast an incredible picture against the shady green walls along the steep narrow stairs. How I wished I had my camera out….but I had to be patient. I cannot allow them to feel threatened. I have to win their confidence and trust.

An elaborately adorned red chinese alter greeted me as I stepped on the wooden landing. There were two other working girls…(also late in their years) and an old chinese man on a stool… I was lead into a 6×6 sq ft room partitioned by thin old wooden boards with an open ceiling. Seriously, every breath you take can be heard!

Anna closed the door and asked me to pay first. She asks for an extra rm1 for the room charge. Then droped it into a half cut mineral bottle. She didn’t flinch when i declined to have sex. I asked some questions and as expected she felt uncomfortable. Within minutes she was asking me to hurry. In between my ‘getting to know her session’ she had to answer a call from her son (whom she says is the reason why she keeps this job)

I ask for permission to take a photo of the room. She agrees but rushes me. I took what i could, remembering that the old man outside may become suspicious at the volume of talking that transpired. Anna leaves the room… I didn’t want her to do that yet…but left with no choice. I asked myself…do I risk it and go out the door with my camera? or play it easy and come back another day (as i have to anyway)


I walked out of the room with camera safely in my bag. The old man wasn’t there! I had the entire landing to photograph, including the beaming alter and other working girls… But Anna had already started going down the stairs. She was hurrying me to follow. Inside, I cringed at my missed opportunity.

This is the start….I tried to make a deal with Anna downstairs. It was a loose verbal agreement, but she will try and help me another time. The old man was lingering around. He looked at us suspiciously. I might have to appear in slight disguise the next time…ha ha ha
So the story on Chinatown prostitutes will start from here. Last night was the first of a series of ground work needed to document something.

The pictures will come….I hope 🙂

Front page – the Star newspaper

Sorry this is a little out of sync with KLGTU but nevertheless, I just wanted to vent out this opinion>>

Its almost 50 years since we took Malaysian journalism into Malaysian hands. Why do picture editors or even newspaper editors themselves hold on to such artificial branding of our country’s image? (at the expense of our intelligence and cultural appreciation)

How does this picture promote greater national unity and cultural appreciation?!

It doesn’t really! – It merely exposes cultural tolerance, in one miserable picture (worse still, in a political driven function). It gives absolutely no respect to Deepavali itself and displays a superficial link to a supposed Malaysian pride in having a multicultural community. [view picture alternatives]

Please do note that we are not talking about national security here…its only a Deepavali celebration!