Petronas Tower2 to Kampung Baru

During the late 19th century, the British were concerned over the marked absence of indigeneous Malays living in KL. In 1899 the govt set aside 223acres of land (Kampung Baru) to provide each Malay family a 1/2 acre plot, free of rent. The tenancy rights remained in the family and could not be sold without permission from the controlling board.

The purpose of this, was to promote Malay advancement in KL. Farmers and craftsmen were brought in, hoping to train their young for apprenticeships in local govt and administration. The scheme failed.

Today, the ‘vague’ regulations to ownership and commercial development of this Malay settlement is under pressure to be unraveled. As such, years of economic development has uniquely surrounded it.

Cities vary greatly in their capacity to perceive and respond to opportunities created by globalisation. In social terms, growth has a marked consequence of the logic of neightbourhood links and microstructure of communities” – Globalisation and Spatial Reorganisation of Urban Space

Kampung Baru sprawls the middle portion , surrounded by highways, high rise towers and new development.


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